AirSep VisionAire V 5L O2 Concentrator

Features :

  1. The lightweight unit, with its circ360 wheels, allows it to glide easily over carpets and area rugs to move effortlessly from room to room with the patient.
  2. Compact size (36cmx29cmx53cm) and small housing space.
  3. Ensuring the “Sound of Silence”. The noise-free unit (40dBA) allows even the most sound-sensitive patient or loved one to sleep comfortably without interruption.
  4. Power-efficient with very low power consumption (290W)
  5. Contemporary styling to complement any patient’s home interior.

Specification :        


Brand AirSep
Model No. VisionAire V
Electrical Requirement 220-240 V-AC, 50Hz or 120V-AC, 60Hz
Power Consumption 290W
Flow Rate 1-5LPM
Oxygen Purity 90%+5.5/-3%
Alarms 1. Power failure
2. High and low Pressure
3. Temperature
4. Low purity test (with optional oxygen monitor)
Noise 40dB(A)
Dimension 35.8cm W x 29.2cm D x 52.8cm H
Net Weight 13.6kg
Gross Weight 16.7kg