Self-Contained Portable O2 Fill System (2000PSI)

The system consists of “High Pressure Oil-free Compressor”of Energetic Technology, a PSA Oxygen Concentrator and Portable Generator. Powered by the Generator, the Compressor compresses and fills the low pressure oxygen generated from the Concentrator into different size of oxygen cylinders at high pressure 2000PSI (14MPa). Portable high pressure cylinders can reserve large volume of oxygen for specific applications. They can easily be moved to any place where oxygen is needed.

This system is workable for both highlands and plains.It is especially suitable for First Aid, emergency oxygen supply for disaster rescue and health care support for underground or highland area with low oxygen concentration. It can also be used for mobile cylinder filling and gas storage backup.

System Features :

  1. Absolute dry, clean and oil-free.
  2. High Compression Ratio. Service pressure is up to 2000PSI(140 Bar/14MPa)
  3. Equipped with Portable Generator, it is workable at outdoor area with insufficient electricity supply
  4. With Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver, the cylinder duration time can be extended up to ratio about 6: 1.
  5. Compact size, high mobility and easy to operate.
  6. Simple, safe, reliable and easy maintenance.
  7. Low power consumption and energy saving.

Compressor Specifications :

Model No. C150-500
Electrical Requirement

230V-AC, 50Hz or 115V-AC, 60Hz

Power Consumption 500W average
Inlet Pressure 6-20PSI (0.04-0.14MPa)
Max. Discharge Pressure 2000PSI (13.8MPa)
Flow Rate 5-10LPM
Machine Dimensions 62cm W x 38cm D x 63cm H
Net Weight 52.5kg