10LPM High Pressure Oil-free Compressor (2000PSI)

High Pressure Oil-free compressor is designed for filling non-hazardous gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, air, argon etc. into cylinder for specific applications such as gas storage backup and gas replenishment through cylinder re-filling.

When coupled the compressor with a PSA oxygen concentrator, an oxygen fill system is formed. This system is especially suitable for EMS oxygen support for disaster rescue and health care support for underground or highland area with low oxygen concentration. It can also be used for oxygen storage support for Centralized Oxygen Supply System.

Features :

  1. Absolute dry, clean and Oil-free.
  2. High Compression Ratio. Service pressure is up to 138 Bar(2000 psi/13.8MPa)
  3. Fast Filling. The fastest filling time of a M265 Cylinder is around 10 hours.
  4. Small and light weight, easy and safe to operate.
  5. Simple, reliable and easy maintenance.
  6. Energy Saving: Low power consumption.
  7. Cost-Effective.

Compressor Specification :       


Model No. C150-500
Electrical Requirment 230V-AC, 50Hz or 115V-AC, 60Hz
Power Consumption 500W average
Inlet Pressure 6-20PSI (0.04-0.14MPa)
Max. Discharge Pressure 2000PSI (13.8MPa)
Flow Rate 5-10LPM
Machine Dimensions 38cm W x 62cm D x 63cm H
Net Weight 52.5kg