Veterinary Service Application of Oxygen Fill System

The system consists of “High Pressure Oil-free Compressor”of Energetic Technology and a PSA Oxygen Concentrator. The Compressor fills the oxygen generated from the Concentrator into different size of oxygen cylinders. By using this system, you can generate and store oxygen whenever and wherever you like.

It is very suitable for supplying oxygen for Vet Clinics, Animal Hospitals and any places where the delivery of oxygen cylinders is inconvenient or costly. By making and filling cylinders at your site, the uncertainty and logistics of delivered oxygen supplies are eliminated.

System Features :

  1. Absolute dry, clean and oil-free.
  2. High Compression Ratio. Service pressure is up to 138 Bar(2000 psi/13.8MPa)
  3. Fast Filling. The fastest filling time of a M265 Cylinder is around 10 hours.
  4. Small and light weight, easy and safe to operate.
  5. Simple, reliable and easy maintenance.
  6. High Flexibility. The system can be single or be expanded into a larger system through parallel connection to fulfill the high demand of oxygen consumption.
  7. Energy Saving : Low power consumption.
  8. Cost-Effective.

Compressor Specifications :

Model No. C150-500
Electrical Requirment

230V-AC, 50Hz or 115V-AC, 60Hz

Power Consumption 500W average
Inlet Pressure 6-20PSI (0.04-0.14MPa)
Max. Discharge Pressure 2000PSI (13.8MPa)
Flow Rate 5-10LPM
Machine Dimensions 38cm W x 62cm D x 63cm H
Net Weight 52.5kg