About Us

Energetic Technology is a leading company with the mission to design, manufacture and market high pressure oil-free compressors for medical, industrial and commercial applications.Our engineers have more than 20 years experience in developing compression technology.Our proprietary “Rocking Cylinder” compression technology is a breakthrough in the field of gas compression. It easily achieves high-pressure and high-speed compression with very low power consumption. 

Our high pressure oil-free compressor is designed for filling non-hazardous gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, air, argon etc. into cylinder for specific applications such as gas storage backup and gas replenishment through cylinder re-filling.By coupling our compressor with a PSA oxygen concentrator, a very convenient and portable oxygen fill system is formed. The system enables on-site oxygen generation and storage backup and is especially suitable for small-scale hospitals, mobile clinics or any suitable places where delivery of oxygen cylinders is costly or inconvenient.

For home users needing additional oxygen for breathing, we aim to help them to build up an active lifestyle. By using our portable oxygen fill system, the oxygen can be highly compressed and stored in portable oxygen cylinders for supporting their outdoor activities. The users would not be bounded by their home oxygen concentrators or inconvenient cylinder delivery, but be free to go whenever and wherever they want. The convenient oxygen storage can also be used for health care support in highland area with low oxygen concentration and emergency oxygen support against incidents like heart attack or stroke.

We are dedicated to build reputation for quality and innovation through the delivery of reliable, cost-effective and technologically advanced products.