Using Energetic Oxygen Compressor
to set up a simple Oxygen Generation Plant

Energetic Oxygen Compressor with Oxygen Concentrator can be formed to a simple and mini Oxygen Making Plant. Energetic Oxygen Compressor can compress the low pressure oxygen generated from the Oxygen Concentrator from the air and fill the oxygen into Cylinders at high pressure of 2000psi.
Energetic Oxygen Compressor has Oil-free compression design, it needs no oil for operation during the whole compression process.
This system is especially suitable for use at small hospitals, mobile clinics, forestry, highlands, islands and far away places where the delivery of oxygen is difficult. It can be used for oxygen cylinder filling for emergency use at any place where oxygen is urgently need.


Simple Oxygen Generation Plant

This Oxygen making system can connect One Oxygen Concentrator + One Oxygen Compressor, Two Oxygen Concentrator + Two Oxygen Compressor, or more Oxygen Concentrator and more Oxygen Compressor……

Simple Oxygen Generation Plant Advantage:
  • Small and light weight
  • More convenience, easy handling
  • Oil-free, no need oil separation machine for addition processing
  • Environmental, no pollution
  • More economical, no special site required
  • Low power consumption and energy saving
  • Compressor only need 15A supply source connection
  • High compression of 2000psi
  • Easy and safety control
  • No skillful operator required
  • Less maintenance required
  • Very good for use at small hospital, mobile clinic, high mountain and forestry etc.